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American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Crystallization Operations – 2001 – Present

Center for Professional Advancement – Director of Industrial Crystallization Seminar – 2003 – present

Chemical Engineering Magazine - Courses on Practical Industrial Crystallization and Precipitation, 1997 through 2000.

Iowa State University - 1992 Course Entitled, "Crystallization and Precipitation Technology".

Numerous In-House Seminars for Industrial Clients.

SWE Enterprises – Workshop Chairman “Current Trends in Polymorphism and Crystallization”  LaJolla, California, July 25 - 26 2005.

IQPC Seminars on Polymorphism “Scale Up of Polymorphic Systems – November 2005, February 2005.

Chemical Processing Magazine - Table Top Seminar Presentations Regarding Design and Scale-Up of Crystallizers and Precipitators.  

American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Numerous Presentations Regarding Scale-Up of Crystallizers, use of Draft Tubes in Crystallizers and Industrial Cases Regarding Polymorphs and Sub Cooled Liquids.

Association of Crystallization Technology - Presentations Regarding "The Effect of Agitation on Crystallization", "The Crystallization, Drying, Dehydration of Sodium Perborate Tetra and Monohydrate", and Industrial Cases.  Presented During 1997 Through 2000 Sesions.

14th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization - IchemE (Cambridge, England 1999) - Entitled "The Production of Strong, Spherical Sodium  Perborate Mono and Tetrahydrate".

Chemical Engineering Expo - Houston, Texas, 1998, 1999, 2000 - "Scale-Up and Design of Industrial Crystallizers and Precipitators".

Chem Show 1999 - November 1999, New York, New York, "Design of Industrial Crystallizers and Precipitators".

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Engineering World, October 1991, - "Batch Crystallization". 

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