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Genck International  assists its clients in a variety of areas.  These services provide a wide range of technical assistance and problem solving support.  In addition to basic consulting, chemical microscopy, crystallography and laboratory investigations are available.  The firm has a significant background functioning as an expert witness for litigations involving intellectual property. The types of expertise offered include the following applications:


Microscopy and Crystallography

  • Polymorph Investigations

  • Documentation and Analysis for Patent Applications Plus Trade Secrets and Patent Infringement
  • Caking Problems

  • States of Agglomeration

  • Crystal Morphologies and Habit

  • Control of Fine and Inclusion Evaluation

  • Centrifuge Performance Parameters

  • Crystallization Processes & Crystallization Evaluation

  • Habit Modifier Studies

  •  Dissolution Properties & Effects on Product Performance

  • Mechanical, Thermal & Chemical Properties of Particles

  • Separation & Purification Problems

  • Particle Size Evaluation

  • Crystal Surface Properties & Effects on Performance

  • Mixing Characteristics






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Industrial Crystallization

  • Troubleshooting for Inorganic & Organic Systems

  • Design of Batch & Continuous Crystallizers

  • Habit Modification

  • Crystal Size Distribution Measurement & Modification

  • Kinetics of Nucleation & Growth

  • Crystallization Mechanisms

  • Caking and Agglomeration Studies

  • Filtration Studies

  • Control & Measurement of Impurities

  • Microscopy and Crystallography Studies

  • Precipitations

  • Slurry Handling

  • Population Balances

  • Polymorph Investigations

  • Scale Up Investigations

  • In-House Seminars

  • Charactazation of solids




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