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About Dr. Genck

Dr. Wayne J. Genck is a graduate of Iowa State University where he took his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering while preparing a dissertation on the kinetics of crystallization.  He has authored, lectured, and consulted in the areas of industrial crystallization and 

precipitation for over 35 years.  His clients include both small and large companies engaged in the manufacture of inorganics and organics via batch and continuous processing.  He has consulted for over 250 worldwide companies engaged in the manufacture of commodity, fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  

Genck is the President of Genck International, an industrial consulting firm specializing in crystallization and precipitation.  Projects include kinetics, scale-up, design, troubleshooting, polymorphism, solid state characlerization, and intellectual property issues.  Genck has frequently provided consulting and expert testimony in the areas of crystallization and precipitation,  with emphasis on polymorphism and intellectual property issues.  In addition, he has consulted on downstream processing such as centrifugation/filtration, drying, caking, and milling.  He has widely presented courses and seminars and is the Director of the Industrial Crystallization Course for the Center for Professional Advancement and is the teacher of the Industrial Crystallization and Precipitation Course for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  He was the presenter of Chemical Engineering Magazine's seminar, Crystallization and Precipitation.

He authored the chapter on Crystallization for the 3rd Edition of McGraw-Hill's Handbook of Separation Techniques for Chemical Engineers.  He authored the Chapter on Crystallization and was the Section Editor for the Liquid-Solids Systems Section of the Eighth Edition of Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook.  He has presented lectures for the CPhI and is a member of the Steering Committee for the Association of Crystallization Technology (ACT).  He is a frequent lecturer at the ACT and AIChE meetings and has written extensively for Chemical Engineering Magazine, Chemical Processing Magazine, Chemical Engineering Progress, and Pristine Processing.  He often presents in-house seminars and formal short courses for organizations.  Dr. Genck is a recipient of the Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering from Iowa State University.  


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